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Abundance Ritual

This ritual is used with our Abundance Ritual Kit. This ritual is designed to bring in abundance, money, and financial opportunity. Through the materials in the Abundance Ritual Kit, we offer wealth (in the form of citrine sand and various herbs) in order to get wealth returned.

Included in the kit:

  • Cinnamon Sticks (x3) - for success and wealth
  • Bay Leaves (x3) - for wishes and victories
  • Star Anise (x3) - for psychic abilities and balance
  • Mint - for unbridled opportunities and abundance
  • Basil - for love, money, and luck
  • Rosemary - for protection and purification
  • Citrine Sand - for confidence and wealth
  • Green Chime Candle - green invokes money, burning the candle invokes transformation.
  • Green Cord
  • Glass Cork Jars (x5)
  • Wooden Box

You may prepare for this ritual kit in any way you like. This can be formal, casual, or anywhere in between. Your space, your ritual, and your preferences are your own - so feel free to do anything that feels right! A suggestion we make is to use the smoke of a cinnamon stick.

Step 1:
Begin by adding the ingredients to the empty jar. As we put each ingredient (citrine sand, basil, mint, rosemary, star anise, and bay leaf), you can list the purpose of each ingredient. In effect, we will tell each ingredient its purpose in this ritual.

Step 2 (optional):
In the kit, you will find a piece of green cord. You can use this to bind your wishes and goals - and by extension, yourself, to this ritual. To bind, you may wrap the cord around the base of the candle. This serves to be a physical representation of the tie between yourself to the candle, the herbs, the citrine sand, the goals of the working, and to intangible goals and wishes.
If you don’t want to bind to the candle, you can use the cord to wrap around the ritual jar to tie it all together!

Step 3:
Reserve one or two of the bay leaves. Grab a pen or a marker, because now we are going to write our wishes and/or petitions. On the bay leaf, you are welcome to write any petition that you need; dollar signs, a set amount of money, or a work or finance related goal.

Step 4:
Light your candle and burn your bay leaf! Please be sure to use proper fire safety, and to never leave the candle unattended. Once your candle and bay leaf are burned, the ritual is complete. We hope you see some exciting outcomes!

You can purchase our Abundance Ritual Kit here.

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Thanks ever so much. 🌱 Spring is here, I am ready to walk in the wildflowers. Have a great day!


I have been studying for about 6mths diligently. I know the learning process is just beginning. I guess my question is can you be short a couple of the herbs. I am in the process of growing an herb garden specifically for my Magick, but as of now not there yet. I don’t have star anise and the citrine sand. Thanks for the spell, it will go in my book of shadows.


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